7 Things To Know Before You Visit Resorts In Maldives

Right now, if you were to ask everyone you know if they would like to travel to the Maldives, they would all probably all agree that it is the epitome of an island paradise and their preferred destination. If you get a chance to travel to these untouched, breathtaking resorts in Maldives in the Indian Ocean, which are a haven of unspoiled beauty and one of those places that truly live up to the hype. Since the Maldives was just one of those places that you know you wish to visit once in a lifetime, you don't really do much research before booking your flights. However, as soon as you do, you realise how much harder it is than you anticipate.

There are many more possibilities than you can ever think about, many things you should bring (and many things you shouldn't), many local laws you aren't aware of, and many activities that those lovely Pinterest pictures never seem to highlight. These are put together in this guide to help you with your trip plans to the Maldives. Some of this advice might seem more obvious than others, but perhaps each of these suggestions will enable you to take full advantage of your visit to one of the most gorgeous places on earth!

First, the Maldives are a Muslim nation. Since there will be no booze, pass on the duty-free shopping on your way over. If you purchase any, you will have it removed from you at the airport (I'm not sure if they still hold it for you until you depart). In any case, alcohol is not permitted to be brought with you.

2. Male, the nation's capital, is a respectable city and possibly one of the least frequently captured on camera. Many locals reside here, yet tourists never appear to travel to this area. Even when you land at the Male airport, you actually land on Hulhulé Island rather than the Male island itself.

3. While the resorts in Maldives' islands tend to lean more towards liberalism, the nation as a whole is rather conservative, so remember that when you're in public spaces like the airport. When you arrive at your own island resort, you'll have plenty of time to change into your bikini and speedos.

4. Most resorts are located on separate islands.

5. Keep in mind that each resort has distinctive characteristics and features before making a reservation. Contrary to what the pictures of the water villas and snorkelling might lead you to assume, they are NOT all the same.

6. The Maldives' peak travel season runs from December to April, and costs will reflect this. Of course, there are strong reasons to travel during peak season—the incredible weather is one of them—but the weather in the Maldives is generally favourable all year long, so it might be worth considering travelling off-peak season to save some money.

7.Many of the islands in this area operate on their own time (island time is a real thing here). The time in Male is typically one hour behind local time, giving you "more time" to enjoy the sunset before dinner and generally feel as though you're in a completely different place (yes, I know that setting the clock back an hour doesn't actually add time, but trust me, once you start using island time, you'll find yourself settling rather nicely into the island bubble).


To be completely honest, a trip to the resorts in Maldives will cost you some money. The fact that it is a high-end, opulent location cannot be denied, but there are some clever methods to save money while still enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

1. Use half the board.

You won't believe how simple it is to accomplish this here. In any case, you end up eating breakfast fairly late, and if, like me, you prefer to overeat at every meal, you'll discover that by the time lunchtime comes around, you're no longer hungry. Going half-board is actually a pretty smart option for a trip to the Maldives. You can choose to take a small snack for lunch or do it like the pros and lunch on champagne.

2. Travel off-season.

Prices are lower, options are more plentiful, and the lovely weather is still present. By travelling from May to November, you will undoubtedly be able to save some money.

3. Get up and go.

Start out (or end) your vacation in one of the more expensive water villas, then switch to a beach property afterwards. Or you could simply move between islands.

When is the best time to visit?

The Maldives are accessible throughout the year.

The Maldives are situated in a tropical region. The background temperature is exceptionally high, rarely dropping below 25 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Even though the sun in the Maldives is very hot, there is no drought or discomfort since the sea has a significant impact on the region's weather. In general, you can visit the resorts in Maldives whenever you want.

Because of the influence of the southwest wind, you should be aware that the rainy season in the Maldives lasts from June to October. But Madives nonetheless extended a warm welcome to the visitors. No matter how much rain falls, the Maldives Sea remains calm, blue, and waveless. Swimming and coral diving are still popular tourist activities. Visit the Maldives during the remaining months if you dislike rain.